DR.AKOL’S-Deputy chair resigns

By Nema Juma

The deputy Chairman of National Democratic Movement [NDM] Thompson ThoanTenyhas officially resigned from his party following earlier disagreement with his boss, Dr. Lam Akol while the latter wasin Khartoum.

Earlier this year, Thoan declared himself the chairman of National Democratic Movement, stating that Dr. Akol had over-stayed in Khartoum for almost six months without coming to Juba though the party members had been calling him to come.

The document extended to Juba Monitor stated that earliermembers of NECin Juba convened an argent meeting on 13th August and resolved that the Chairman comes to Juba within the course of one week from the proceeding date.

“That failure to the above he shall be regarded to have abdicated his duties and the deputy Chairman shall assume the leadership until a national convention is convened,” Thoan stated.

He narrated that to his surprise all his colleagues in (NEC) refracted the resolution of the meeting and in the letter addressed to the press by distancing themselves from our initial position to remove the chairman.

“They attributed the position to me alone, this was a painful betrayal that must be monitored by the public as they continue to exercise their oversight duties over those who purported to serve them,” he narrated.

He stated that since the NEC betrayed their position, and attributed it to him alone; he has no choice except to tender his resignation from the membership of the NDM.

“Since the (NEC) betrayed their position and attributed it to me alone, I am therefore left with no choice except to tender my resignation from membership of the NDM, that I shall from today onward be a normal citizen of South Sudan without any political affiliation to any group,” he said.

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