Dozens of carpentry shop burned in Gudele [1]

By Lodu William Odiya

Dozens of carpentry shops yesterday got burnt due to a fire outbreak that inflamed from a generator in Gudele [1] area.

Speaking at the scene yesterday, the Juba city Mayor, Michael Lado Thomas Allah-Jabu, said that it was the fifth fire outbreak in Juba adding that two weeks ago the fire broke out in Lou Junction of the same Gudele residential area.

“The Report from the Inspector General of Police (IGP) about the outbreak of the fire is too clear that it started from one of the shops belonging to a Sudanese national who was trying to turn on his generator and it inflamed into such serious fire,” he said.

Mayor Allah-Jabu revealed that Juba City Authority regretted what has happened and in a short run they would form a committee in order to register and record all the damages and the shops that have been destroyed and then see what the authority could do, especially following up the legal procedures against the people who had caused the fire.

He urged the people to always be conscious of the fire outbreak that causes damages and destruction in the areas.

“I am appealing to the people of Juba to always have good planning for the construction of a permanent building and we in our plan as juba city authority we are opening roads so that if there is an outbreak of a fire the authority would be able to reach a particular moment”, said Juba city Mayor, H.W, Michael Lado Thomas Allah-Jabu.

Allah Jabu however appealed to the citizens to cooperate and coordinate with the authority in order to see that permanent structures are built and also roads open.

“Now you can see the fire brigades are here, but they are not able to penetrate well in order to rescue the fire,” he said.

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