Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

We have talked about the culture of reading which is really wanting among our own and the youth. There have been excuses of lack of public libraries. While this could be true, my take differs because even some of the few which are there are not being properly utilized. They remain empty and almost dormant. The importance of libraries have not been properly taken in and meant to be part of learning and furthering education. In developed nation people read and read. They sometimes are accompanied by their children who get space of reading at the children’s corner in these public reading institutions. I am taken aback because somewhere in the country there are more or new arrivals of books which cannot get space in the libraries. The books were donated to one of the higher learning institution but instead of stocking them and availing them for reading they are still closed in their donation boxes. What could be done because these are new version of books which should be on the shelves for the students and the public alike? It is my take that someone is either doing this deliberately or lack the manpower to do the sorting work. The latter cannot stand the test as this particular institution has students who can be used at their free time to prepare and arrange the library by removing the old one from the shelves and replacing them with new ones. I am of the opinion that even somewhere in the city if more books donation is effected, the situation would remain the same because of lack of commitments and care of order of the education system. Time and again l have talked of education being the key to the future of any nation. Reading and understanding the reading is one major component of education. It cannot be wished away easily. An educated society makes well informed decision to run their own affairs. It is needed and should be adopted by those who are in the know-how without wasting key opportunities. I want to be candid to this issue. Our learning institutions should lead in preparing the future by providing space for learning and reading. These institutions should be bookworms themselves and should know the value of books instead of leaving the donation rot or go to waste under their administrations. Could this be possible, yes it is possible as l have said with commitments for the education sector and the bringing up of the youth to be future foundation of the country. Therefore, if you may be that institution which is not taking care of the learning and reading, pull up your socks and do what this country requires of you. Stand up to the reality and give education a chance. It is for your good and the good of the country. Try this ingredient and you will have built a stronger foundation not only for yourself but for the country at large. Don’t waste this golden chance.

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