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With Odongo Odoyo

It has been two weeks like un-ending nights when l took a break for the just concluded Christmas and New Year celebrations. I have missed my readers and supporters. But one thing remained real that there are my colleagues, the young ones who kept this column alive with or without my presence. I am a proud man because it means that they are able and coming up to fill in anytime the need arises. Indeed one could not detect my absence until l opened my mouth to this effect. It was wonderful being with my family and seeing my aged sick mother smile with us including grand and grandchildren while in her hospital bed. Great God she is recovering but old age is taking toll on her. We shall keep on praying and indeed as a prayer family we trust in the name of the almighty. This brings me to the reality of life that at one time or another we shall be no more but how have you prepared your untimely exit. When and how is only known to and by the creator? When l come across people who are living borrowed and imagine life thinking they are very smart and beyond reproach it hurts me because one should be able to make life so simple but with a purpose. There should be no cheating or conning because this is ungodly. The guilty ones are afraid of the unknown because they are unrighteous and will always be thinking of the unthinkable. They have refused to see the reality of life and are living on borrowed time walking looking behind them to see who is following them even if there is none. Many of these have done wrong to the society and are no longer sure of their next step or move. They do not fit in the public domain or gathering but are afraid and live in isolation like caged animals. Is this the kind of life one would want to live? Is it worth anything under the sun or is it in the opaque being shielded from reality of life. Fake and imagined life is for unrighteous who have already been identified and are awaiting the return of the heavenly father. Someone or critics might not well be on the understanding or the know-how of the message l am sending out. I want my readers and supporters to understand that time has come for each and every one of us to remain righteous, fearing God and respecting fellow human beings. There is a saying that. “Don’t use your freedom to freedoom”.  There are those who are fond of taking others advantage for their own selfish end like there is a lot of cheating and conning within some of the national and international NGOs but even if the cases come to light there is very little being done by the regulators. I am of the opinion that some members of the regulators are good collaborators of these deeds.

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