Don’t use money for human exploitation -Jay Mulla

“Gurush” is one debut single from Jay Mulla with strong messages that money should not separate South Sudanese rather should make them work hard.

The artist urged citizens to use the money they earn for national development and not for exploiting others.

“It is very unfortunate when those who have money, think that money can do everything for them,” he said.  “In my opinion, we should use the money for meaningful development such as building schools and hospitals for the sick. We should learn that money is not everything as unity and peace is paramount to any sustainable growth,” Jay Mulla added.

He continued that some people are fighting to attain wealth which he said people should fight for peace, unity and prosperity of the nation instead.

Jay Mulla stressed that robbers such as “the Toronto boys” are on the rise simply because money is the source of evil saying it should not be the reason for blood shed.

The song titled “Gurush” describes how money is the root cause of the most evil acts being committed in the country.

Jay Mulla who is a new king on the block is known for songs such as “suzana”and “schandala” all he did with singer King Silencer.

Abui Alex, one of the Jay Mulla’s fans who spoke to Juba Monitor said it is true that money is evil and to him it is the reason why the rate of killing and adultery is high in Juba.

For Apachi Steven money is not evil, it is the people who use money that are evil.

“This young man’s song has a message, but to me money should not control people. We should instead be the ones to control money to do positive things in our lives, not to cause harm to others,” he said.


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