So many South Sudanese take their cases to police when they have already acted or reacted on them, and this contributes to the worsening of many cases to a point that they can resist concrete solutions when solved. Taking the law into hands is prominent at the state levels where communities rampantly clash and none of them remembers that cases should immediately be taken to the police for amicable handling and judgments. Because people take the law into their hands, conflicts whose dimensions are tiny become communal conflicts as members of the conflicting communities fight tooth and nail without allowing law enforcement agencies to handle cases as early as they arise to curb their deteriorations. With this undeniable experience, it can be concluded that 95% of cases are not taken to police but interfered with by the police, and that, however best they can be solved later, wounds they have created can’t easily heal. As South Sudanese, a 10-year old nation is expected to have her people become informed of whatever procedure the law of their country requires them to follow, but South Sudanese are still too far from respecting what their constitution says. If the law were respected the way it should be respected, many South Sudanese should not have died because many died and continue dying as a result of revenge killings which the law should have solved before it resulted in retaliation. What replicates lawlessness is the involvement of educated people in taking the law into their hands while they are highly expected to educate the illiterate populations on how to report cases to police for better handlings. The evidence is that it has been witnessed that town dwellers take law in their hands while every block is designed in such a way that it can have a police station whose duty is to guard the citizens, settle their cases and prevent the rampancy of crimes. However, the police personnel shouldn’t be brutal while instilling lawfulness in people’s minds. No citizen is rated “GOOD” until he/she obeys law and order. Never take law into your hands.          

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