Child labour is a crime punishable by the laws of this country as enshrined in the constitution. Anyone engaging a child in any form of labour work should be aware and be prepared to face the wrath of the penalties as laid down in the penal code. There are small young children seen roaming the streets of Juba and other towns wearing what is assumed to be sport uniforms that would lead to persuading the unsuspecting contributors to give willingly. They are armed with papers in the name of list and asking or seeking finances to promote or uplift their sporting activities for this or that club. Some of these children are young and below the age of eight years. What is not clear is who are behind the assignments made to these children to go out and beg for money. It is important that such clubs, if they so exist, should organize a system that does not expose the young ones to untold suffering on the hot or cold weather. There are people who are sitting put waiting for these children to collect whatever they can and take the same to the masters. The government should investigate and find out who are those misusing these children to collect money for them while maybe their own are enjoying the sweat of the unfortunate ones. The children being abused are the future of the country and should be in classrooms instead of roaming the streets begging in the name of promoting sports which maybe they do not understand. The youth team did wonderful in South Korea, but theirs was well arranged and managed. This should not be an example used to misuse other children who do not understand why they are being sent by people behind the curtains to go out and collect money in the name of promoting sports, for that matter football.

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