Don’t look down on people, everyone is fighting a battle

By Ngor Khot Garang

It is easy to scold or criticize people who are going through difficulties in life.  When we are okay, we forget that some other people want to be like us.

When someone celebrates what seems to be like a small success to us, we get annoyed and even want to slap them in the face when we do not have an idea of how far they have come.

I always tell my friends or the people I know not to be pissed off but rather rejoice when someone is celebrating his or her new job opportunity because we never know the walls they have broken to get there.

It could seem small to us but it could have been years of struggles for them and it gives them more courage to move on with hopes of getting what they want out of life.

Recently, when the results of senior four were released by the Ministry of education.  Many critics took to social media describing the results as worthless because the exams were said to have been cheated.

But I did not agree with them.  Those boys and girls who are celebrating their 90s and 80s have the right to do so.  Those results have been years of struggling to get tuition fees.

Such is life. It is not good to judge people simply because we think they don’t deserve what they have achieved.  Let us stop it.  Some people have been praying for what now looks small to you. We never know what it means to them no matter how small it may seem to us.

 Let us as humans try to cheer people up in the moments when the goddess of success is with them because none of us know the story behind people’s small successes. It may seem normal or simple to us but for some people, these have been prayer requests, some of which were rejected several times.

When a young man seemed to be obsessed with his new job though the job pays little, let us try to dance with him because that job could be a result of tens of rejected job application.

When a young girl celebrates her bachelor degree let us join in her happiness too because that degree she has finally earned has been semesters of struggling to get school fees after been pushed out of the house by the parents simply because she refused to get married early.

This is where we get to understand the meaning of life when we stand with people come rain, come sunshine. It is true that everyone wants to be accepted and it would be bad bad we turn them down.

We must always strive to motivate and encourage people to pursue their dreams no matter how small they maybe to us, the best things in life is to be someone who sees the best in people and invest in them. I hope we all need to leave this world a better place than we found it. But how can we do that? It is simply by giving people the best of what we have; knowledge, love, and time.

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