The peace monitors or whatever they are called in this country must, by all means, push the peace agreement into the light and put a knife between the so-called new peace and the current one. The journey of this country would be very tough and fraught. The country has to first travel back home to find a solution to her problems, for years now, this country has been bedridden with a number of problems. Standing in the middle of crossroads, the country had to choose between life and death, solutions over problems. The political leaders have been mandated and given full trust by the people to pave the way to the future, the same people are now afraid that they will hit the rock and fall back. This has been seen by the slow progress of a young nation. The message is very clear, what people need is not a country with sweating armpits, the people need peace and even more of it.  A quick trip into the past will bring you to the country the people of South Sudan have always envisioned. The South Sudan of the past had resolved to give room for all who try their best and award those who work hard. Now the past has nothing to do with us, it is gone and forever always but what about the crying future? If the people of South Sudan need to salvage the future, they need to work on the current peace and put an end or even, completely abort the new plan of new peace agreement because it would be too expensive to maintain. The old peace agreement is very sad and needs laughing faces not people with spoons in their pockets. The new peace deal would be a smile to the banks and nothing more. 

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