Odongo Odoyo

In the guidelines issued by the government as preventive measures against the spread of coronavirus pandemic, the public taxis were supposed to carry half of the passengers. The rule was seriously followed by all drivers of public transport operating within Juba. However, since the Taskforce of Covid-19 started announcing a decline in the cases of coronavirus, many drivers are not adhering to the rules anymore. For instance, most drivers routed for Lologo and Gumbo-Shirikat often take more passengers than the required standard without observing physical social distancing in the vehicles, and yet they charge double fares from each passenger including those they pick along the way.  And the traffic police have kept a blind eye on those drivers who are violating the Covid-19 public transport guidelines. It is the duty of the police to protect the passengers from being cheated by the drivers because until now the government hasn’t abolished coronavirus guidelines.  Most drivers have taken the advantage of ignorance of some passengers and exploited the situation, because since the outbreak of covid-19 in the country there have been divided public opinions about coronavirus among the citizens. There are those who are very rigid and this group has completely left their safety in the hands of God, and they don’t care to use any preventive measures, while the second group truly believes in the existence of coronavirus and they take their health very serious.  These differences in understanding sometimes turn into an avenue for the drivers to cheat on them when the two meet in public transport. Coronavirus is still around, and people should not start feeling reluctant of keeping the guidelines, because in any fight the moment you get tired it will be the time your opponent will hit you hard. Please don’t give up the fight!

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