Don’t Exploit Me

By:  Akol Arop Akol

Because of my age and gender

I am mistreated, disrespected and hated

Because am young, poor, I cannot defend myself

Yes I have the voice but still voiceless

My eyes cannot see good things around me

My heart needs good peaceful people

But all I meet in life are hostile ones

I have no place to rest and enjoy

Picking something from my land they command Hoi

Chasten, chased and displaced

I wonder where I really belong.

I wonder what went wrong!

That I speak out but world is earless

Leaving me in fears and taking my dears

Where have my friends gone?

Where have my relatives gone too?

I was told they have perished

They were stabbed and others starved

They left me in pain

And I won’t see them again

Gone so early and left me lonely

Now I run up, down and turn around

I don’t find where to belong as my own

Is Earth or world my home to live in till old?

If am a foreigner, why did I first come here

I was told to strengthen my heart and soul

But my parent and siblings were scattered all

No food, no water, no cloth and no shelter

I am here gathering stones while the rest with gold

I am misused and humanly abused

Where is my right? Where is my home?

A child born in crisis has his rights also in crisis

When, how and where should I explain?

And who will listen when I complain?

World is deaf and am lonely left

People used to come and they go

Treating me like parasite and they enjoy in paradise

I am so tired of being in bondage

I was not born to be a slave or loser

I am a human no matter being a man or woman

They must respect and value me

And they should not rob me of my freedom

World must not clear my garden

I am a young person with fertility

I have fresh mind and strong bones

I can struggle and achieve my goals

I can work and build my country

Listen to me stranger, you won’t miss a curse

Because you like oppressing me

You will face hardship like me

But I don’t wish you to be like this

What I need is to give me peace

I am a human to be given choice

And I have a right to raise my voice

Truth must set all of us free

You may be superior but don’t brag

Don’t be harmful to my thoughts and emotions

My heart may get broken so painfully

Why do you want to exploit me? 

Why do want to reduce me

Forget my age, forget my weight

Everyone has a background and destination

And life connects us together as one creation

Whether young or old, we have similarities

If I go astray, show me the right way

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