Don’t envy others, join the race

By Ngor Khot Garang

As a little  child, I have been guided by a simple life philosophy that I know when you introduce it in your personal life, it will not only lead you to the discovery of your true purpose in life but will eventually set your life in the right direction.

It is powerful and I truly believe despite the circumstances surrounding your life, it will provoke you to leave your comfort zone and take full responsibility for your life.

It is like this: “Every second, minute or hour that passes is sending us to our grave”.

By this, there is something I want you to understand, we are living in a very fragmented world where we are sent to accomplish a certain mission and when it is done or not the journey ends. We are very mortal and we don’t grow younger once we are born here and none of us even the priests, pastors, scientists, scholars or philosophers had the power to ask why we are mortalized.

The time is so short and beyond that we can immortalized ourselves by what we do in the days given to us in life for those coming behind us to understand that we once existed like a handful of men and women who have left their names in books, films, money, and statues built in their memory and schools named after them.

Now the question is, what are you doing today that when you leave this world as it will surely happen, you will leave as a fulfilled person and so sure that when you stand at the gate of heaven you will be able to confidently explain what you have left behind and the positive impacts you have had on people’s lives perhaps you are asked by God or are you spending your time watching others who are playing their cards especially those working hard every day to improve themselves? What are you doing with your life and the time given to you by God?

Have you ever wondered why after one year you look at yourself in the mirror and you realize that you have grown or you are developing wrinkles on your face with little or less achieved? I’m worried because you are growing old and your world is crying for you for having neglected the things that should have made the world a better place than you met it.

It is not a joke, you have spent large part of your life believing in others more than yourself or it could be that you have got that illusion that you are growing younger.

If you are thinking  like this,  I encourage you before the sun sets,  change and cut those commitments that consume a lot of your times like playing games, watching television and try to do something in the real world or are you prepared to leave this world as if you were just a visitor?  No, that would be a great blow to the creator who took his time to make you just the way you are with an assignment that is compulsory.

You have to ask yourself and put it in mind that time is a resource,  what you do in a minute can change the rest of your life.

Maybe the time you have spent watching those who are already successful in life could have been a turning point in your life if it was used well. We must learn how to use the little time when we are still alive because the purpose of life is to fulfill the mission and the reason as to why we are here on earth.

I know and I also feel the same way sometimes when things are not going the way I want them to go or when I see others winning in life but understand  that God cannot create a loser unless I don’t know why I’m here on earth and not somewhere else.

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