Don’t describe people because of language: Rapper spits

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Don’t describe people because of the language they speak is one craziest punch line rap song from rapper Dj Fox Style.

Being light skinned as attraction, a lot of questions from people wondering whether Di Fox is a South Sudanese or not and speaking fluent Arabic Khartoum have made it worse for him and many others in the country.

“We are living lives where you are described because of the language you speak, which is very wrong, South Sudanese are all over the world and if they speak different language, it does not mean they are not nationals”, said Dj Fox Style.

Dj Fox explained that there are thousands South Sudanese who speak Luganda, Kiswahali, English, French and Arabic but does not qualify for them not been nationals.

With this song Dj Fox Style hopes to change the mindset of the locals who have wrong perception of South Sudanese who speak different language.

“Speaking different language is a blessing and does not mean that one is not a South Sudanese,”Dj Fox

Hundreds of South Sudanese who have grown outside the country face a lot of challenges from people who describe them according to the countries they have been too.


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