Don’t Adhere to Changers

By Michael Ngor Atem

As stated change doesn’t occur without the involvement of the one whom it wants to happen to, therefore for you to get changed don’t put your interest on other people as your changers. Let them take their own path. If they don’t feel like to do something to you, don’t feel as if you are isolated.

Why should you rely like a parasite? Future is in your hands. And you are the one to decide between splendid and sinister future. Don’t keep saying bad words on others because they are successful. Avoid talking like a loser. Be brave like a real man or woman. Losing hope will make you a source of laughter by those who dislike you.

Make sure in every situation; struggle to get your own needs. Sometimes, none of the folks cross the bridge without nourishment from others. But Supporters come at time of needs to help you crossing the bridges to make you reach your potential. If they don’t come, don’t depend on looking for them because it will promote over-parasitism. It will make you lose desire in working on your own.

Taking your time and efforts looking for others to come and help you will let you be ignored and disappointed. Filling your brain with nonsense is wastage of time and you will just end up in stress and worries. Try to be in positive and apprehensive mood of thinking.

If you are rejected, don’t mind of criticism. Just ignore their words and disgruntle them. But remember to respect them and don’t make yourself very expensive to those who are not supporting you or those who didn’t contribute into your success.

Put everyone into consideration. Make everyone feel important and respected. Put in your mind that no one is more precious or cheap than others. No one is better than the other. All are the same and equal because we are human beings.

Don’t give up from what you do although someone talks rudely to you. Don’t blame others when you need something from them but could not get. When they unfortunately refuse to help you, please don’t hate them. Just work for you own. Thinking about others’ belongings as better and sweeter, is lack of being self-contented. One’s own is important for contentment.

When you request something you have to receive it with thanks but don’t say it is small. A beggar has no choice. They either take anything or wait until their things come later after sometimes. Never force someone to do things the way you want.

Conclusively, the above advice is directly to my colleagues who are being mistreated because they want to get everything ready in a Silver Plate. So this attitude of expecting something to fall from nowhere is making them live in a difficult situation. I am advising you to stay independent by yourselves instead of depending on others. Over-dependency is a kind of weakness. If you always think about what others will do to you, you will never succeed. At least, you look for your own. Struggle by all means to be self-dependent. Also find good friends to advise and direct you the right path.

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