Donors withhold support for renovations in Loa

By Atimaku Joan

Donors who are on the verge of the reconstruction of schools and health care facilities in Loa have withheld their support due to lack of residents in the area.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, the parish priest of Loa Darrius Modi who currently resides in Juba revealed that the donors had made a pledge that they would be able to help if the people could return from their various refugee settlements.

“The donors are saying that they want to see the people back and they have made pledges that if people come back, they will be able to assist,” said Modi.

He stated that the renovation of the two schools and health facility had been in the program but it had been extended to the dry seasonin order to buy time for people to return.

The parish priest added that the donors were a group of people within Madi region and some people who called themselves “The Friends of Loa.”

He said that the two groups had contributed and availed necessary resources to the church but they were hesitating because of fear that the thieves who had stolen construction materials within the area could repeat this act when there were no people around.

Juba Monitor reported last month that the government had urged all the refugees to return to the country but the refugees soughtsecurity assurance before returning to the country.

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