Donors avail logistic to GBV mobile Courts

By John Agok

The Donor community and Chief Justice Chan Reec Madut yesterday confirmed that mini-buses will be availed to transport judges, police and prison services to expedite GBV cases in all mobile courts across the country.  

During the Conference Chief Justice Chan acknowledged that, two hundred judges from the top to the bottom among some of them will be deployed to try GBV cases in established Mobile Courts in the Country.

He revealed that, Juba GBV court will be transformed into many Mobile Courts across the Country. But it needs collective efforts from all institutions and partners to provide necessary assistance to make those mobile Courts effective in future.

 “We applauded the efforts of our partners in supporting GBV Court in Juba and we are extending the justice to reach the victims at the grassroots level through established Mobile court”, he added.

 Justice chan also mentioned two hundred Judges from the top to the bottom who can finally trial the GBV cases after hearing testimonies and evident due to the nature of complicate cases.

“There are about two hundred judges that can try GBV cases by hearing testimonies and proves with evident prior passing judgment”, Chan concluded.

However, Ms Christy Ahenkora Deputy Resident Representative UNDP noted that, UNDP as the partner will provide Mini-buses to transport judges, police and prison services to all these mobile courts in the Country.

“UNDP must ensure that, these Mini-Buses will transport Judges, Police and Prison service to Mobile Courts and this will expedite trying  of GBV cases”, she said.

Ms Ahenkora also emphasized on state to provide psycho-social supports to the victims.

“It is the role of the State especially Ministry of social welfare to look into the welfare of the victims”, she underscored.

Jelte van Wieren, Ambassador, Kingdom of the Netherlands revealed that, they purposely meet the chief justice to get update on how many cases of GBV are follow up and try across the country and to ensure that no impunity.

“We the Diplomats had a discussion with Chief justice to ascertain the functioning of GBV Court which tries cases for the victims to get justice and perpetrators brought to book”, he said. 

 These Mobile Courts have been operating already in the Country especially in Wau, Bentiu, Jonglei, Kapoeta and Torit.

The Diplomats community and Judges led by Chief Justice toured the South Sudan Judiciary’s Gender Based Violence Court that was launched in December.

The Diplomats includes; Ambassador of Netherland, France, European Union, Norway, Germany, UK, Canada and Partner UNDP.

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