Donna Donita’s song “I’m taken” rocks airwaves


By Sarah Kiko

Donna Donita who is popularly known by her love song “I love you” is rocking the airwaves again with her new hit song “I’m taken.”

In an interview with Juba Monitor, Donna said her first song was supposed to be “Geliba Wahid” but because she found herself seriously in love with her man she decided to record I Love You to express her feelings.

The song became a hit during the valentine season and still plays in many radio stations. She added that falling in love with someone can sometimes make a lady go crazy.

“The feelings are so strong that make one to always want to dance in love forever. Love is a beautiful feeling,” she said.

Geliba Wahid is a song which has a similarity with “I love you”. No man can ever claim to be in love with two people at the same time, we all got one heart to feel the attraction of something or someone,” the singer said.

She advised men to learn how to be honest with themselves and their loved ones. “They should not take advantage of their loved ones, every person deserves respect and happiness,” Donna said.

She said “if you love someone with all your heart, other things become non valuable to you but you just want to focus on the love and be proud of who you have been blessed with.”

Based on true story, she narrated that she fell in love with someone and it was a feeling she could not control.

“Love surrounded my world and words could never stop flowing my brain, I wrote it down and went to the studio with the help of my manager Fred. After recording it, I also recorded I’m Taken.

The song teaches people how to be contented with what they have, being thankful and proud to share their life with their loved ones.

She said many people have started requesting for the video of the song which she will shoot next week.

The song teaches people to respect other peoples’ relationships and marriages. “I felt it was right for me to tell other men that I’m in a committed and happy relationship,” the diva expressed.

Donna Donita is still working under Lokwilili Kingdom and managed by Fred her musical manager. Her musical talent was discovered in 2015 during the Talent Search competition season four.

Donna the Love diva said she will join university this August to pursue her degree in Mass Communication, Public Relations and Human Resource management.



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