Two million US dollars have been put down for the National Dialogue Steering Committee to start its serious work on the ground by enabling them to reach far and beyond conclusively and inclusively. However, the donation did not come without conditions and warning. The money givers put clear three words, be truthful, open and inclusive and more cash will come handy. Sometimes, being vulnerable, we accept to be dictated because we are seeking or being given assistance.  It is also sometimes the concern of the giver that their efforts could be doomed without such conditions because the end product might not reflect all purposes and reasons why the money is given in the first place. For the National Dialogue to succeed, there is no reason(s) why we cannot accept these conditions. It is the only way out to restore peace in this country and it is the only hope for positive continuity although some efforts of the committee are being hampered by our own behaviors. It is not in the interest of any particular individual that we make public know what we can or we cannot do, when and where. It could have filtered well if the team that went to South Africa managed to meet the person they had gone to meet instead of being turned down after spending time and the limited resources. We do agree that this is a tall order, but believe Dr. Riek Machar did not consider these factors before turning a team of the committee led by the Co-chair to meet him for one reason. All inclusivity in the National Dialogue. The seriousness the National Dialogue is taking seems to be the only way out of our quagmire and predicaments. It is what seems to be acceptable both locally and internationally to be the open gate to peaceful co-existence in the country. Although we agree that the beginning may not be easy, the committee should not give up and keep on trying because the light is being seen at the end of the tunnel. This is the hope we all have to contribute to now and for the future of this country.


Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


A musician of the 80s far somewhere in the East African regions once composed a song castigating a dream. How he was cheated in a dream that he had landed millions of money plus a beautiful wife, master en-suite apartment or house and all that goes with the “rich man” he became overnight. He was so happy in this dreamland that he never knew he was dreaming until he woke up just to find himself in his usual one roomed makeshift with nothing except his guitar. He wanted to go back to sleep and continue his dream, but was unable because it was already morning and had to go out to seek for ways of survival until the next dream-land which may not be the same sweet one. I am in this dream-world because of my friend SaTP. The man is almost going berserk with high hope or call it high profile expectation since the announcement by some friendly partners that they had availed two million US dollars to the National Dialogue Steering Committee for initial logistics and some are in stores if they remain truthful, open and inclusive. SaTP is not talking to anybody except me. He had a one not too good with someone called HR when he went and applied for emergency leave. He could not explain what emergency was this emergency. When turned down he zipped both his lips to anyone but confided in me that he was going whether they like it or not. He was going to make things right at the ND. He was going to be involved and be part of the loot or kwacha names it USD, Sterling Pounds or even our own SSP among so many others. He was going to see that there is no eating or looting of aid or grant meant for the general public’s welfare. If there is going to be eating he wanted to be part of it and it was a clean way forward for the benefit of all, he was also going to be part of it. He wanted at least three months unpaid leave to be in the team and this time around he was not going to let this country down. Our friend was in a far dream-land like our musician friend but this time SaTP was not lucky. There is someone called Angelo Beda who might not just like his insinuation or the smell of problems where national agenda is concerned not forgetting that one person who ensured SaTP’s own existence pocket- wise is equally very active at the ND. SaTP, my friend come out of the dream-land.

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