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Odongo Odoyo

I was having an earnest discussion with a friend in the socio-economic and political know how who was so sure that no one should cry over spilled milk. This came about when he told me there are so many people who had been given chance to prove themselves in different national and international dockets for service delivery to the public but during their time they did not do anything and remained busy doing nothing. They believed that they would remain in those positions forever. They did not know of any change of wind that could make them be seen outside there as irrelevant. They are the same people going round blaming one or two others who have come with vigor and strength to do their work which was being seen and felt across by the public. The latest crop of people do not mind what is being said about them but are busy serving the nation and the appointing authority with result oriented services properly reaching the grassroots. Those who are performing to the expectation and satisfaction of the general public should be supported to succeed in their work without much ado. Those who are opposed to them should take a lead or borrow a leaf from this scenario below:-

“The truth shall set you free

Three University guys dodged exam because they did not study.

 They came up with a plan, got themselves dirty using grease, and then went to see the Lecturer.

”Sir we are sorry we couldn’t make it to the exam. We attended a wedding and on our way back the car broke down thus we became so dirty as you can see”. The Lecturer understood and gave them three days to prepare.

After three days, they went to the Lecturer very ready for the exam because they had studied.

The Lecturer put them in three separate classes with only four questions in the exam paper;

1. Who got married? (25 marks)

2. Where was the reception held? (25 marks)

3. Where exactly did the car break down?(25 marks)

4. What type of car broke down?  (25 marks)

Marking scheme: your answers must be the same!

They are still in the exam hall as we speak!

Lesson: The truth shall set you free.

Such will be the scenario of the judgment day, we can plan evil with others as a group but on the judgment day we mustanswer individually for ourselves.

As a youth learn to speak the truthby those managing the laws”.In God’s name there are good people who meant good but are seen in the bad light by others even if they do the best to please them. What one does should be to his/her satisfaction as long as it was for the benefit of the public. No one should do something because of pleasing someone else but for the good of mankind. Independent minds that are for the people and the nation should guide one not to be like the three university guys.

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