Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Do good to others so that the same can be done to you, is very common but how many of us take the first step to do so? Last week my heart felt admiration for the good done by some people who came out to support the needy. Achai Wiir and her foundation seems to be house hold name in many families particularly those in indeed. Last week the foundation donated thousands of food items to IDPs in Mangalla and this is not the only one of her undertakings. She is in the news time and again doing a good thing here or there. This lady is a celeb of her own in the society and believe me you how many ladies or even men out there ready to help without question or iota of doubt where necessary. How many are like her with deep open heart who do not discriminate or select her help based of tribe or creed. This is rare in women who would wish to build their empire or homes before giving a hand outside their premises. Almost like Achai, the Governor of Bahr el Ghazal, Tong Akeen Ngor come out as another superstar by clearing all college tuitions of 80 University students under the Aweil Students Association. This is equally a rare gesture by a good heart willing to help. It is now for the students not to let the Aweil and their governor down to learn and study hard so that they could make it in their future lives. It will be shameful if they did not do what is required of them more so after the governor denied himself some commitments to see that the students were not chased or became stressed due to unpaid or outstanding tuitions. These gestures might be taken lightly but they have deep meaning and progress in life. These are two examples of good doing to the society. There are a number of good people doing something good for others. Do not wait to be told or exposed to do what is right, you want others to benefit from. Others would want to be recognized for what they have done good to others. Do something not for public recognition but for your own inner feeling with free heart and love for others in need. If all of us could have the heart of giving and forgiving, then we could be building the right society for now and for the future generation. A firm society is built on a firm foundation where everyone cares about the other and where brothers and sisters become the keeper of one another. If only we could be caring about ourselves and our societies then nothing can stop us from reaching the furthest goal of life if and when we continue to do good. Let the good lead the way to prosperity and majority should come out to do something good to another person even if they are not from your clan.

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