Doing business to support his siblings

By:  Mandela Nelson Denis

Morgan Mogga Oliver in his late twenties has a certificate in Logistics and Procurement but has failed to secure good paying job. He is now venturing into business to support his siblings.

Morgan might not be the luckiest man in his teens life, he fend to support his seven siblings who are studying in Uganda, some in Juba and also taking care of his mother back in South Sudan’s claimed small London town of Yei.

As the saying goes “when you educate the girl child, you educate the nation” and that is what makes Morgan a proud big brother to his little sisters who are currently looking up to him as the only source of survival.

In 2016 Morgan had to look for ways of taking care of his siblings who laid all their hopes on shoulder for school fees and scholastic materials in order to attend school.

Being a fashion designer has enabled Morgan to support his siblings for their basic needs.

“I am freelance fashion designer and this is where I make money to support my siblings and also take care of myself in terms of food and medical care,” said Morgan.

With the little money that Morgan gets, he has been able to pay for one of his sisters who will be going to University this year in Juba.

“I am so glad that I have been able to pay for my sister who follows me to the stage that she has reached now. She will be joining University this year and I am so optimistic that I will manage to support her,” Morgan said.

As many young people choose to live reckless lives of using drugs and wasting money on things that add no value in life, Morgan wakes up every day thinking how to make the life of his family better and more especially his mother.

Though having a certificate in Logistics and Procurement would give him a start in life, it has been three years with no proper paying job because majority of the jobs related to his certificate requires people with masters and degrees.

Morgan is still pushed down by the responsibilities of taking care of his sisters and this has not given him the chance to upgrade because all his earned resources goes to supporting his family.

“I would wish to upgrade but this will mean that I stop supporting my sisters but it is so difficult for me to support myself and my family at the same time, I feel I should up light them to the level they can take care of themselves”, Morgan told Juba Monitor.

Education has no age limit and Morgan said he believes that anytime he will go back to school after ensuring that his younger siblings are able to live on their own.

The story of Morgan represents hundreds of young men and women in the country who have sacrificed their own happiness for the sake of their siblings.

Currently Morgan works as sale man for a boutique in Juba and he is hopeful that 2020 brings him the opportunity to open his own business in order to be his own boss.

For one who has done all kinds of work such as barman, cleaner, sales man and barber man to bring food on the table, he is encouraging the youth to be job creators than seekers.

Morgan dresses up majority of celebrities in Juba such as Hani Breva, J Yang and Mc Remzi hence getting extra South Sudanese pounds to take care of his needs.

Morgan finished his Ordinary level of education in 2015 and did a certificate in Logistics and Procurement in 2016 and since then the desire to support his siblings has not enabled him to upgrade.

South Sudan’s majority population is dominated by youth who are doing all kinds of work for survival.

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