Doing and making friendship

By Jovanto Aleu


Friendship with one another means being together in harmony, kindness and understanding every type of situation each is undergoing and trying all possibilities to do something helpful to minimize the trouble, and make the troubled hearted feel appease and smiling in public and private.

With this understanding, I prefer doing friendship than making friendship with my age mate, classmate and others in life expectant, because making friendship doesn’t last longer, it just means to make someone feel happy for a while but when you leave he/she is back in trouble. But when you as a friend does something tangible, and then  leave, your friend’s life totally changes visibly in all aspects of manner from worst to the best happiness that will last as a legacy for generations to come, and you will be remembered as ‘a friend indeed’ thus the phrase states clearly  ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’. But not the kind of friends who comes around when you’re in pleasure and happiness especially when you’re in a hotel or restaurant enjoying drinks, modified kind of food, time is passing without trouble and suffering and he/she is always at those kind of moments of joy, without waste of much time you get introduced to each other just like that, you already make new friend that’s unacceptable in my side men: A kind of friend found during happiness is not a friend indeed as the wise men say, it’s like housefly that comes to you when you are defecating and feces are out they chart around happily because of the good smell that comes from there but when there is no nice smell they run, no paying visits, no phone calls, you are just left to go and look for good money to be spoiled.

The best kind of friend is one who is there by your side when you are in need or about to fall in a deep hole then he snatches you out of that tiger’s trap and brings you to safety like the Bible illustration that God catch us from the mouth of roaring lion then leaves without telling you who he /she is, but knows you by appearance though not by name, after a while that helper appears and introduces himself/herself to you and explains to you what let him/her to do to you that lifesaving movie/drama. This is the kind of doing friendship I really stand for and support.

Don’t prefer to make friendship with any colleagues but rather do friendship with anybody alive, moving, and having God’s image in him and do to him  great changes, whether by advising, give money, standby as a protector or to carry him/her home when felt down sick along the roadside. Such doing is not entitled to any repayment to the actor by any amount of gift except by way of thanks as the last resort or just ‘let it be is my best principle. Many boys and girls whether married or not make friendship with wrong partners which yields to nothing in their lives  that’s why marriages are shaken or broken up and regrets are endured anywhere they may go.

Just reflect how God created man and made him to have intimate fellowship and understanding, but all burst out and God had ever regretted creating man on earth in joy and abundance of wealth, but man’s foolishness led to loss of such a free gift of life and only to join suffering. However, God took another plan to bring man back through miraculous deliverance from slavery in Egypt. This is doing a friend a favor that’s why we are friends with God as Jesus stated, I am no longer your master but a great servant and friend who help in any situation we face. I believe he is a doer but not only a maker, he is a true friend who will always be there when someone is in pain.


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