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Dogs, Snakebite cases on the rise in Jonglei

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The number of dogs and snakebite cases had gone up in the flood-affected areas of Jonglei State.

The flood victims and local authorities were more anxious after eleven people were reported bitten by snakes and eight people died of dog’s rabies for last two years.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Jonglei Medical Doctor, Bol Chaw Manyang said that the surge in the snakebite cases was due to floods that hit the whole counties of Jonglei State.

“With the level of the rising floodwaters, we have so far recorded eight cases of snakebites among the locals in Bor town for the last of two months and as a result, one person died of snakebite yet there are no drugs for treatment.” Said Manyang.

He added that health officials urged (WHO) to provide anti-venom drugto manage those serious cases of snakebites.Last month more than ten people were affected by snakebites.But the good thing was that World Health Organization was present in the State in order to provide anti-venomdrug to hospital.

He revealed that due to flooding, the State had increased the number of dogs in the markets and residential area.

“Currently we have number of people who were being bitten by dogs because for the last one year we lost eight people due to rabies,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Jonglei Director General Samuel Majur confirmed that Bor town had witnessed an increase in the number of snakebites after the recent floods.

“The State health official appealed to the government and aid agencies to provide treatment for the snakebites patients in the area,” said Majur.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 95% of diseases alert warranting investigation were responded to within 48 hours. Snakebite envenoming was responsible for thousands of deaths among rural population globally every year.

The capacity to timely detect the start of diseases outbreak or any budding public health concern was vital for mounting an appropriate response and ultimate containment of the epidemic or event.

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