Dogs are animals that naturally should be domesticated unless they are wild dogs. But again wild ones do not stay in residential areas but in the wilderness. It is only in Juba City that dogs roam around like nobody owns them. To make matters worse some of the dogs are visibly sick, hairs have fallen but remain nuisance to city residents. They lie all over including on roads and streets but nobody seem to be bothered that these dogs can be dangerous to people’s lives. In some cases, reports indicated that some even attacked some children in some parts of the city. They mate on roads causing traffic flow and as if with high impunity. In other countries, authorities have regulations that dictate keeping of pets in the city; in fact some people pay taxes to local authorities to keep pets. It does not make sense keeping dogs in the city when nobody claims their ownerships, maybe this means the dogs are not domestic dogs. If at all anyone owns these dogs then they should be told clearly to keep or contain them within their premises. These dogs should never be allowed to loiter or roam carelessly in the city. They are just an eyesore more so with the poor garbage disposal in our city. The city council should either round up all these dogs are kill them or trace their owners and charge them for keeping pets in the city without permits to do so. The same should apply to those who keep livestock in the city. It is odd to see cows and goats roaming around Juba streets and the worse still are that when these animals are knocked by motorists, their owners show up to demand compensation. They threaten the motorists with near impunity and in some cases even launch legal battles. Can someone at the Juba City Council rid our city of these dogs, cows, cats and goats?

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