The question to be ask here is, does the Economic Crisis   Management Committee (ECMC) has powerful teeth to bite? The reason for such question is that the public in the country is eying and expecting the Committee to resolve as soon as possible the persisting economy downfall in South Sudan. This Committee has been entrusted by President Kiir as the Head of State to reach a tangible solution thus citizens are waiting for. When the government is trying to bring economic transformations in the country, there are some wrong elements who normally fight against good progress. They may be now as we talk working hard spying to sabotage the work of Economic Crisis Management Committee. Those egoists must be warn not to attempt doing so because their evil activities can be discovered by the government.

According to our news publication for Thursday, an Economist, Dr. Abraham Maliet Mamer, the Acting Undersecretary in the Ministry of Investment, said he believes that the “Economic Crisis Management Committee has what it takes to address the present depreciation of the South Sudanese currency as long as the existing economic hardship constitutes a crisis.”  Then, the matter here is that the ECMC should not leave any stone unturned and observes things just to go the way they are. The current fluctuation in the market’s prices is worrying the common citizens. The citizens are complaining bitterly about the hiking prices in the markets across the country. 

The pressure is now mounted on ECMC to take immediate action against those who are causing unbearable market situation in the country.   This is the only chance for this committee to find out what is hurting country’s economy by making citizens to live a misery life. This nation is not supposed to suffer any economic catastrophe given the abundant resources existing in the land.

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