Doctors Union is telling the country that many of their members are not having knowledge on how to fight and contain the Coronavirus which is causing havoc in many parts of the world. Actually it is a global pandemic which is threatening mankind. It must be luck that no case has been tested and found to be related to the deadly virus. The union should not just sit there and tell the whole country that most of them cannot come into being to help the situation if and when need be. They should find all possible ways of learning on the spot the tactics and recommended ways of helping the country fight any possible case. They should not sit on the fence and send an alarming message. It is time they work in collaboration with other health institutions of the world to sharpen their knowledge on this deadly disease. The ministry and other key players have put in place measures that should be applied if and when a case of COVID-19 is suspected. Doctors and all medical workers should be well prepared instead of the union causing fear. If many doctors are not having knowledge or are aware on how to contain the disease if and when need be. The doctors’ callings are very clear in their oath of office. They should not send mix signals to the public who are expecting their abilities to protect them during such time against any out-break of diseases not only Coronavirus. The country should feel safe with the doctors not the other way. Indeed they should learn from cases and experiences within and outside the neighbourhood. The fight of the virus should be spearheaded by the medics but the citizens also have a great deal of responsibilities to play. Everyone should play his/her role including the union who should be seen to be prepared for the fight against Coronavirus.

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