DOCTORS-Ethiopian scholarship attract 96

 By Bullen Bala Alexander

About ninety six South Sudanese postgraduate doctors attended Ethiopian Resident Scholarship entrance examination at Juba Teaching Hospital.

The entrance examination was set by the Ethiopian professors and senior consultants as a qualification for the postgraduate South Sudanese doctors who applied for Ethiopian Resident program.

Speaking during the official kickoff of the postgraduate doctors’ admission exams, Elizabeth Acuei the Minister of Health said it was a good opportunity for the South Sudanese doctors who still want acquire more knowledge and specialize on their professions.

She encourages the doctors to take the exams serious and wishing the good lack in the examination saying only someone’s hard work would put him or her to succeed and join the Ethiopian Resident specialization program.

“I thank our brothers and sisters of Ethiopian for giving us the opportunity for South Sudanese doctors to upgrade in their specialization in different fields, but also to my doctors you have to take these exams serious because it is only your hard work will make you join the scholarship,” Acuei reiterated.     

Meanwhile, Zelalem Birhan the Ethiopian Deputy Head of Mission to South Sudan revealed that it was not first time for his country to provide scholarship to South Sudanese in different fields including health sector.

According to Birhan, last year Ethiopia provided up to 100 scholarships for the South Sudanese but out of the number only 30 students were able pass but the rest failed.

However, he reiterated Ethiopian commitment to continue give assistance to South Sudanese in whatever they requires.

“Ethiopian government is committed to give necessary support to South Sudanese whoever would like to continue and build their knowledge on various specializations, but the condition is simple you must pass well for you to join the program,” he said.

Dr. Michael Mading, Director General for Training and Professional Development in the National Ministry of Health said the entrance exams is the exams set to South Sudanese Doctors who are going to join the postgraduate medical specializations in Ethiopia.

“The requirements for the Ethiopian Resident Program is to give the examination for the Doctors and those who succeed they will be enrolled for their specializations in the various Universities in Ethiopia for four to five years depending on the each specializations duration,” he revealed.

He said the program was the initiative of the Ministry of Health that it give chances to the South Sudanese doctors to go and specialize in Ethiopia.

According to director general for training there is already cooperation agreement signed by the South Sudan Ministry of Health and Ethiopian Ministry of health to allow and give chance to the South Sudanese doctors to go and get specialized in Ethiopia.

This year Ethiopian government has given us 100 scholarship for the South Sudanese doctors to be enrolled for the specializations in Ethiopia Universities.

He said there were 133 South Sudanese doctors who were supposed to take part in the examination but only 100 turned up for the exams adding that if all of them succeed they will be taken for the scholarship program.

He said the examinations was conducted by the senior consultants and professors from the Ethiopia.

“Those senior professors, and consultants arrives here yesterday with their own exams and they will be responsible for everything that is including the marking and selecting the best performance candidates for the program.”

He call on everyone and all the South Sudanese doctors to join the program for further specializations adding that it is the opportunity for everyone in the country.

According to Dr. Mading there are many fields for specializations including, Internal medicines, general surgery, pediatrics, ophthalmology, emergency medicines, radiology, family medalist, neurology, anesthesiology, forensic medicines, pathology, orthopedics, oncology, urology, neurological surgery and plastic surgery.

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