Doctors decry shortage of midwives in Rumbek hospital

By Mabor Riak Magok

Doctors in Rumbek Hospital Lakes State have decry shortage of mid-wives saying it is making their work difficult.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Peter Dongrin Meen the midwife expert Doctor in Rumbek hospital said there is only one mid-wife from an agency serving in the hospital.

Dongrin expressed that most of the midwives on government payroll have deserted their work arguing that they are not getting regular monthly salaries.

“The work here is becoming much for us. The mid-wives who are government employees are not showing up for work. They complained that they do not receive any monthly salaries,” Dr. Dongrin said.

He said, in Rumbek hospital mothers  deliveries has increased drastically which demands more midwife to be deployed.

“Now you will find one midwife is handling 12 mothers during a night duty. So there is a lot of work, the gap is very big. The few government staff that work in the hospital plus others are not committed due to delay of government salary; they are not following up with their duties. We have currently only one NGO employed midwife, she is the one suffering for the whole period of time in the maternity Ward delivering mothers,” Dr. Dongrin explained.

He mentioned the midwifery profession is fit for women adding men contribute less to the profession.

“If female midwives could be available to work in maternity as gynecologist, they are able to handle women instead of men,” he said.

“Some communities do not believe that men can also be midwives to deliver mothers in the hospital. It is just lack of awareness to the community that male midwives can also help mothers to deliver too,” said Dongrin.

Dr. Dongrin revealed that male midwives are the majority in Rumbek hospital yet they never raised any complain for not working.

Dongrin who does the work of midwife said he is attached to work as a midwife at Rumbek hospital by United Nations population fund (UNPFA).

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