Do you want happiness, stop being greedy

By Ngor Khot Garang

In this life I have come and I mean from a long way to understand that the meaning of life is to take care of each other and wishing well those who are staying with us and this is to say that if you have enough, you have to share enough with those who are less fortunate and that is the only and trust me, sure way we can without regret make this world a better place not only for ourselves but for the wellbeing of our own children.

It is okay to have a lot, money, cars, and three good meals a day.  But you are still nothing when you don’t help a lot. You need to understand that your stomach is not more important than millions of people who are struggling outside there. They are humans and they also need life the same way you do. And get this one right, I’m not here to tell you that you should help the whole country with what you have, what I simply mean is that when you help that one person, when you swallow what you can chew and leave the rest for the needy, it means  the whole country and that is where we get happiness.

There is no way in this world where you can really live a happy and fulfilled life when you only think about your stomach and nothing else. I understand that there are group of men and perhaps some few women who have set themselves apart from the rest of the people. They loot the country’s resources and on top of that make millions of people poor. Now the reader(s) can imagine if these kinds of people are really happy.

However, it seems, to many people, me included who struggle for survival that these are the most happiest people around when they are truly not. Maybe if there are people who are happy in this life, they are people who are always contented with the little they have. But the rest are just not at peace with themselves. They are always thinking of possible ways of causing conflicts because this is where they benefit and become rich but when people are settle, they start their political games to displace people so that they have a chance to steal and amass wealth.

As I write this article now, thousands of children are orphans or parentless if that makes it powerful. Young men are gravediggers. Millions of people are facing starvation and millions others are refugees all because of greediness. We need to consider the fact we are nothing when we don’t love ourselves. The people here are one and what we all need is happiness and peace of mind but that cannot come when our hearts are filled with hatred.

You don’t have to hate your brother or eat alone and wish to live a peaceful life. It cannot happen and it will never happen. However, you may have everything, money and all the earthly wealth but you are still nothing when you don’t think of other people. You have to make up your mind and be a different human not an eater, corrupt or a tribal man of yesterday because you are not going to be here forever and it matters how you live your life because there will come a time when you will stand before God, maybe at the gate of heaven and questions like “What have you left behind?” or “Whose life have you had an impact on”?, would be asked.

Just imagine, if one of these questions was directed to you, what will you say? Will you say I have left graves behind or will you say I have left lives behind? Well it would just depend on you because that day will surely come but if there is anything I can tell you right now, it is to let you know that, this life is very short and you are dead when you are miserable even amidst plenty of money because I understand that there are rich people who are still living unhappy lives and thousand others who have died unsatisfied. You don’t have to follow their paths. Chart your own way forward by bringing other people up and helping others walk by themselves because that is what matters and that is the best life ever, I mean a life lived for others.      

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