Do what you know with passion

By Akol Arop Akol

When you know your rights and values as human being, nobody would discourage or bring you down. It is true that around you, there are people who want you to leave the World instead of letting you live in the World. But their expectations and negative behaviors towards you may have effects only when you become hopeless and submissive to their thinking.

It is said that instead of focusing on reasons why you shouldn’t leave, start finding vindications and desires to pursue your dream career, discover your abilities and live a kind of life that you want. Live a life that you will not regret for choosing, walk your own journey with a different path which you will not blame people in the last days.

If you understand that World is not our home, then get it well that no need to stress yourself when no one seems to support your dreams. The reality is that there are those who may think you are useless, hopeless and futureless by judging you based on the past and bad present. Because they are seeing you footing today, jobless or not smart enough and because you lack money or materials that necessitate life, some people who don’t understand the meaning of life will try to think negatively about you. Their comments and actions may bring you down if you are not strong, consistent and confident of yourself. Once you listen to their negative comments about you, that’s when you start losing your self-esteem, confidence, freedom and inner peace.

You need to believe in the saying that you only live once and that is by you don’t want to live in regret. In the last days, God will ask what we have done with our life, with talents and resources given to us. Therefore, you as an individual need to ask yourself what can you do.  What do you know?  What do you love?

Surround yourself with supportive people who think positively about life and encourage you not those who see the World as competition ground. When you do something, most people will think you are just trying but not good in it perhaps, you may give up anytime. They would be like the son of Mr. X and daughter of Mrs. Y is working as a Builder, Driver, Guard or Shoes Polisher but when you know what you are doing and why you are doing it, no one will bring you down. Slowly and gradually, as you put efforts and make money out of your work and start to live an improved life, friends and some of the relatives who left you would come back with their compliments, ‘’Wow, oh you made it! Congratulations.’’

The journey to success has four stages according to me; first is foundation, second is Motivation, and third is destruction and then congratulations at the end. Foundation comes from parents, teachers and relatives. They feed and dress you and give you knowledge. Your good friends and Mentors give you motivation. Enemies and people who don’t believe in you are ready to do you destruction as you walk your journey to success. Lastly, once you work hard and ignore the negative thinking of people about you and finally succeed in particular thing or in your whole life, people come with congratulations.

If you understand, embrace my words, do what you know and love, but don’t gamble with your life. Life obstacles and temptations from unworthy people is like a burning fire but with your determination and hard work will surely lead to success.

The Writer is a jingoist advocating for peace, human rights and youth Empowerment. He can be reached via Email:akolarop211@gmail.com or on phone +211917318081. Also on Facebook page “Akol Arop Jr. Or ‘Hunting for Change.’ Thanks for reading.

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