Do we have dressing code?

By Akol Arop Akol

Every country is having a system of all things being done by the civilians. A code has various definitions. It is a system, policy, rules, regulations and a set of laws. Then, a dressing code is the governmental or societal policy guiding the way people dress in the country. It is the set of rules and regulations to manage dressing modes of civilians.

People are categorized and they have different ways of wearing according to their ages. Adults are supposed to put on clothes that characterize them as responsible parents. In that way, the children (young ones) would take the same example. Youth also have other common dressing codes that show that they are disciplined or organized.

Here in South Sudan, most people are confused.  Clothes are worn not because for the sake of smartness but just to cover the body. Many people don’t care whether they are tidy or shabby. Someone could be an officer but goes to office without tucking-in. They are supposed to dress according to the weather, environment and the occasion that one has to attend. But at wedding ceremonies and churches, people dress in a different way that even makes pour-heart ones to commit sin in their hearts while they intend to confess to God. As the church is believed to be holy place of God, the congregation must be decent. They should not put on bad clothes that distract some believers who have given attention to the word of God. They should behave like God’s children and servants.

Being smart is not by exposing some body parts because that would give dire image of the one practicing. Pulling down the trouser, putting on miniskirt or the so-called don’t-sit should not be practiced at holy places like church.

Adults are fond of wearing fashioned dresses, the ones which are half-nude; so what will children do when they are seeing their fathers and mothers doing that? Parents should not just give money to their girls and boys without confirming what it is for. They should also go with them to the market (boutiques) for shopping in order to see what types of dresses they would like to buy. Because when they go alone, they buy damaged kind of bad dress.

I always get surprised when I move around and see how some young ones are dressing nowadays. Some are wise enough. When they are well governed by parents, they put party dresses in the bags and put on somewhere else where no relatives could see. Hanging out is spoiling them. They are too young to be in that field of fashion. How they dress is giving exploiters a pressure to use them by winning their hearts with money and materials.

Let the parents be serious on teaching young people.

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