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With Odongo Odoyo

Reports that more rain is yet to be experienced in the coming weeks sent me shivering. Not because it is cold, but because reflecting on the damages already being experienced by those innocent human beings in different parts of the country. The good news is that the government is aware and working round the clock to contain the situation on the ground. I had mentioned here that there are partners with like-minded resources which can come to support the government in containing the situation. We are aware that there are some who have lived to the call and are out there giving a helping hand here and there. The most affected areas are having people without shelter and food. They do not know what will be there for them the following day. This situation should not be allowed to occur again. The metrological department should be able to fore-warn the public more so in areas that are prone to flood. The general public should be taught how to avoid these areas when the rains are announced. They should be evacuated to avoid loss of life and property. Right now the government has declared these a national disaster zones with emergency tag on them. This is to save the very people affected from further disasters. We can argue that flood is a natural phenomenon. This argument can be based on the common understanding that it can be avoided if properly planned and executed. There are those and l repeat. There are those who are themselves hindrances to their own situation because they do not want to be told what to do or not to do. They want to do them their own way. When the meteorology department announces the coming of rain which is traditionally well known to the affected areas because it would not be the first time of such occurrence, they tend to resist the move in belief of so many other things related to traditional norms. I believe given time and proper information earlier the kind of flood distraction which now the government has come out to declare state of emergency in the affected areas. If and when this one is over and the situation normalizes, experts should be sent to access the situation and come up with a lasting road-map in solving the perennial flood in these areas. For now efforts should be put and geared up in helping to salvage the situation and save those affected from hunger and possible diseases which may break out within the affected families. The country should stand with the government and disaster management team to help bring back life to these people. There are a number of institutions and organizations that are known to be spearheading the fight against such catastrophes’. This is their time to be seen to be doing something positive to the needy

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