Do something to support peace, time is running out

By Omuno Mogga Otto

The European Union (EU), Japan and other countries are eager to give more support in the formation of the Revitalised Transitional Government of National Unity [R-TGoNU]. They are ready to give support so as to assist in the process of implementing the deal signed between the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM-IO) led by Dr. Riek Machar and the government in September last year.

How will the TGoNU appear if security arrangement is not completed before November?  South Sudan may be peaceful in the future if the government and the opposition work together to stabilize the country and to change South Sudan from a country of chaos and ethnic divide to a country where people will begin to embrace natural love needed by God. Loving each other through work or putting ours hand together to change the image of the country will be vital for the entire people of the country.

The formation of the interim government was supposed to take place this year on May, but the difficulty in the implementation of the security arrangement had resulted to the extension of formation of national unity government to November this year. Two months of the extended period had already gone. It has gone without hope that success in the implementing of the security chapter would progress well. It seems the SPLM-IO is saying the two months of the extended period had finished without a considerable progress.

In latest reports, Dr. Riek Machar said he is ready for talks with the Head of the State. If they are going to meet for talks, their talks should focus on how to build a country in unity and peace without ethnic politicization.

The security arrangement in the agreement is the basis for which the smooth path to peace, unity and political stability in the country will be achieved.  If the security arrangement is not implemented very well in the remaining period before the interim government is formed, true peace will continue to remain a dream.

The international community should not concentrate on funding issues alone. I think they have a bigger role to play for the sake of the people of South Sudan who are humanitarianly and economically suffering from the conflict in the country. They should also concentrate on looking for the best means to give more pressure to the government and the opposition in speeding up the implementation of the security arrangement.

Without genuine peace, South Sudanese will continue to face economic upheaval. Without peace, there will be no good system of governance. Without peace, our people living in the camps will continue to suffer from stress, lack of enough food and war trauma.

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