Since the closure of a line at the Juba Bridge early this month, things have not improved as traffic jam continues at a snail’s pace with little if any that the police are doing to save the flow of traffic. It is getting worse day by day although a number of traffic officers are posted there to control the vehicles in and out of Juba. At one point the traffic police had tried to control the flow by directing heavy commercial vehicles going outside the town to line on one side and leave space for other motorists. This seems to have worked a little but did not last with disorder and disorganization of the flow by the officers themselves and some motorists who behave as if they are above the law. It must be noted how important this outlet is to the country. Repeatedly, this has been brought to the attention of the traffic police and other security organs manning the area but with very little results. There must be order in everything and it is possible to create proper flow of traffic in and out if the uniformed traffic police officers were to take their work seriously. Going by past experience the bridge might not be completed within the scheduled 45 days which means people have to trek to and from across the bridge, wasting time and man-power which should be used to build the nation. There should be no excuse but the traffic police must do their work to enable easy movement while the lane was still under repair to allow other people also reach their destinations without much trouble being experienced now. Traffic police bosses need to visit the Kubri area in the morning and evening to see for themselves the situation the general public both motorists and pedestrians were facing.

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