The announcement by the immigration department that people from five countries in the East Africa region will get visas at the point of entry is not something new. Last year there were reports that free movements was to be allowed within the region without asking for visas. This did not happen and while there were ripe reports of consultations within the region nothing materialized. It cannot be an easy way to give promises that cannot be met. History is very vivid in our minds of how many promises have been made and not effected. Getting visa at entry point is an easy way of reaching destination instead of applying for it in an embassy in another country. Regional cooperation and relationship must be seen to be at play for the benefit of the whole countries in the EAC bloc. The announcement by the immigration department is good for ease of business transactions but wanting on long term. Authorities responsible for effecting immigration changes should come out openly and tell the public in the region why so many promises but few action and implementation. It cannot be taken for granted that the public are not watching what was going around them and promises made but not fulfilled. It should be mandatory to keep the public who are the beneficiaries of these announcements well informed on matters that touches them. It will be of great help if the immigration officers at the entry point do not make this a milking cow exercise in which they will try their level best to create flimsy excuses for the under the table deals. The bosses watching juniors should open their eyes and see who was doing what and where. Let the entry be harmonized and people let to freely socialize into business without restriction. It is one of the ways that the economic growth can be achieved.

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