Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

I have a forgiving heart but sometime I am taken for granted. This time, I was going through what they call the latest Sentry report, or is it really latest, or cooked and concocted with old information being brought into being or surface by inflammatory minds that befits the authors, or so called researchers meant to convinces the world that they were above the ladder and were giving true pictures as it was a new on the ground. These are nothing new in the offing and they are the same old and recycled information doing the round since time immemorial, just to line up the pocket and existence of few individuals in and outside the Sentry report periphery.  When I start on this line of though, there were few who would like to hear the truth and have always come out silently to support their un-known cause. The truth is these reports are meant to enrich some people at the mercy of others. This is one of the secrets within the high echelon of the international set-ups including even the Bretton Brothers. When they are not shouting loud against an African country or continent, their pockets run dry. So it is simple when one reads their minds that their survival depends solely on Africans and the African continents. They have nothing to talk about in their back-yard but have a lot to talk about Africa. Not because they “hate to love Africa” or because “they love to hate Africa”, but for their own survivals, they have to create and design what would only please their masters, the donors or fundraisers. I am just wondering what would happen the day Africans will collectively say no to mud-slinging, innuendoes and all kinds of name callings or name naming for the sake of continuing to give the picture of working for the right of humanity. Sometimes forgetting that they were busy working for their own self-interests.  I just like being and remaining “up, straight and candid” in every situation that comes my way to handle, I have been wondering who is behind these so called world bodies using Africa as a bait for their own pockets. I am not against anyone with a proper way of making extras. What I am against is to be used as a bait to make more. And in this case without being told or having prior knowledge of what was going to be done. We live in a free country devoid of secrets. There are few individuals who live up to their callings but in most cases, there are those who take advantages of others with or without any slip of iota. In this world where only God is in control, there should be respect for all sundries without thinking or choosing a conflicting or desperation causes which normally ends in agony. The continent would be happy and feel privileged that whatever reports was coming out into being about Africa or a member State was properly verified and could stand the test of time not hearsay or concoction of the ill and unfriendly minds.    

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