The arrest of 60 soldiers involved in atrocities in the country should send a clear warning that with or without uniform and gun, they were not above the law. It further point out the seriousness the government was putting in place to handle and settle such past and present cases. Those arrested and now in custody awaiting court martial trials committed series of offences against civilians including young children who were sexually molestered and abused by people in uniform who are assigned to protect them. It is equally sending out signal that a crime committed can take as long as one tries to hide away from the law, but for sure the long arm of the law would get even with them. This is the case of the soldiers who at the time of crime used their uniform and thought they could run away with a crime committed never to be caught. The unity government must be seen to be working and must create discipline among the security forces that the public see as enemy number one. The truth is that the public fear interacting with anyone in uniform although it is supposed to be the opposite. They fear them because of their untamed behaviours and carelessness in handling the guns. Some of them intimidate the general public with commanding voices and threats. The top notch in the security set up should make sure there was total discipline in the forces and listen to public complains to make them know and understand their plight in the hands of the men in uniform officers. Security and protection of the general public cannot be compromised. It is therefore abnormal and unacceptable if and when the security officers turn out to be the enemies of the people they are employed to protect. More of these arrest should be carried out to be a permanent warning to others.

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