Odongo Odoyo


When I hear people gossiping and speculate about another unwanted lockdown, I pity many school children and students who have been in one way or the other being negatively affected by the so-called lockdown which was purposely caused by the global pandemic worldly known as coronavirus or covid-19. This has never been the intention of any person around the world to have social, learning, working, businesses and places closed due to the deadly pandemic. As it started all the way back in Asia China the city of Wuhan, the world has now recorded the first, second and even third wave of the virus which has killed millions of people in the world and infected numerous people who are battling the disease. Last week, many in our communities particularly in Juba, are spreading rumors about anotherlockdown on schools and religious centers. I would personally advise the public not tospread unfoundedinformation. Such gossips scare and may demoralize learners who have resumed their studies and are anxious to pursue their academic pursuits and aims to achieve their dreams. Let not discourage them instead, we should encourage and advise them to follow health measures set up by the national Ministry of health and the partners. When Uganda government announced another more nation-wide lockdown, people in South Sudan become sacred where many begin to speculate saying South Sudan may soon do the same. Let us not take the matter for a mere joke instead we should collectively work to end the virus using the precautionary guidelines required to do so. Already, the Vice President on Service Cluster Hussein Abdelbagi Akol and the National Minister of Education issued a statement telling both the public and the private schools to strictly adhere to preventive measures or else may be forced to close down those schools who do not follow the guidelines. They did not say schools will be closed. So, some individuals in the communities should not mislead the public by giving wrong information. Given the statement, all schools must respect the guidelines to contain the virus and should ensure that every leaner fromspecified age must wear the facemasks and wash hands regularly. The schools should provide necessary equipment needed for the learners to daily follow the measures. The nation cannot afford again to jeopardize the future of the children whose future was bedeviled by the pandemic.

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