Do not redeploy sacked officials

By Agar Mayor Gai

The day that you are given a duty to serve the nation, the citizens and moreover those whom you spent most of your times together lose trust in you.

They consider you as a person who won’t be following and putting into action what you promise.

This popular thought about national servants is however, though not hundred percent positive, a live fact.

The case of the politicians not fulfilling their promises is not a new hearing in this country or elsewhere. If most politicians were to be applying the wisdom and knowledge that they always have during election or looping times, this country would have been at another level better than we are in today.

But unfortunately, it is now the thought of all who want national service that until you have told the president (for the case of our country or the voters( for the case of other countries) , a big lie such that you are nominated or elected respectively, the president cares not about your capabilities.  And then later, when you are nominated, you do not keep the promises that you made to the president.

This, in most cases, makes our president to fire or relieve his officials. These people do not consider and remember what the president wants of them.That is why, when the president relieves his governors or ministers, they take him for an enemy.

However, the president of this country should never place trust in people who have shown and exercised their unwillingness to serve us fairly and satisfactorily. He should never bring these people to the national service for second or third times.

The justifications that led them to do those questionable things in the past will only follow them to the position of a leader for second or third times.

Sooner or later, their true colors always shine through that invisible cloak of pretence that they wear so proudly.

If our president would want to have a cabinet that he will forever be remembered for, he has, if not must, to really look at the people and how they are trusted by the citizens and by himself.

And on the other hand, those who want to be servants of the nation have to develop trust in the people whom they would later serve.  This should always be done through fulfilling what they promised during nomination time, since no one is elected in our country. It is only when you are trusted by the local people that you do well in extending national services satisfactorily and fairly to all ends of the country. Our country needs these kind of trusted people and so it should be a will of all, who are currently serving as president, vice presidents, ministers, governors and their deputies, army generals and other-selves who are also entrusted with national duties, to create and develop an unbreakable trust in the hearts and minds of the local people of this country. We need those who will not bring their relatives to their offices with a thought that they will be doing other private things that the whole nation or other clans and tribes won’t be able to know. But instead we or I, myself would love to see and be in a South Sudan where people consider themselves as same beings with common interests. This will only happen when all have seen the light of trust amongst themselves regardless of tribes, states and regions. It should now be a work of all, who love peace, unity and prosperity to develop and be able to maintain trust amongst ourselves in this land.

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