Do not misuse your freedom

By Akol Arop Akol

Unless we go to dictionary or encyclopedia to look for the the real definition of the word freedom. Freedom simply means the state of being free, and not of being imprisoned or enslaved. It means being free from slavery, sexual harassment, jobs discrimination, exploitation or fault persecution.

In reality in our country today, freedom has lost its meaning or if it is there, people are misusing it. The freedom that was fought for and how it was expected to be enjoyed by the young generations to come.  Now because of conflicts that have been occurring, people think there is no freedom. But sincerely there are different forms of freedoms; social, political, religious, economic and so forth.

There is freedom of speech but instead of using it as a tool to speak out truth, some people who lack respect, consciousness and self-dignity are practicing hate speech especially on social media. They get access to browse social media and talk rubbish. It is not good to talk about current leaders and ruling system that it has not satisfied the civil population with services. Some public figures of no leadership background, manifestoes and visions, those whose job has no connection with politics become warmongers, rumormongers and mobilizers of the youth.

He or she who has degrees and diplomas yet can’t differentiate the truth and propaganda in any circumstances could be termed a person who have wasted resources and graduated with a poor knowledge. They should have been the truth-tellers, the unity factors and the developers of the country. But because anyone is free to ill-talk against other ethnic group or praising one as better than the other, that is why division has taken its hole among us.

There is freedom to do everything or any business to earn a living no matter a foreigner or citizens, no matter the kind of a job one is doing whether good or illegal, they freely trade. That’s why most foreigners set up their businesses anywhere at verandas, under trees or muddled areas, to sell food, drinks, where flies and toxic smell find way to attack the customers. Water containers are dirty, rubbish is near the utensils but no one asks them and they earn money without being well taxed. They have no plans of at least building shops to operate there yet they have money. This means there is slow development while noncitizens are enjoying freedom.

There is freedom because there is no dressing code. Both Males and females have fake kind of immoral dressing in public, though a human right that is being granted, there should be a limit by regulations.

Girls must be decent and women have to have special ways of dressing to maintain public respect in order to avoid men luring them into adultery. Because of no action or awareness for female gender dressing code, there is high rate of sexual abuses because their dressing impresses the weak men in public that is why there are cases of raping.

There is freedom to talk anyhow like after being released from leadership position, the leaders who think public office is kingdom feel angry and rebel.

Nowadays, our leaders lobby with smiles and bribe to get positions but once relieved they become the opposition and wage either political or military wars against the civilians who have no hand in political business.

There is freedom because one doesn’t sit in his private or public office to work and contribute to the development, they prefer sitting under trees in the name of resting, snapping fresh air and sipping tea.

The same people working with the government have become the gossipers, figuring and spreading out bad parts to make others fear or respect them as real politicians.

They would complain that working conditions are not favorable and that salaries are little and not given on monthly basis. Therefore, will trees are verandas address their problems?

They are entitled citizens where most are educated and they can write papers and present them to those concerned to answer their demands. But because of misunderstood and misused freedom, they are there betraying people and following their interests.

There is freedom, if not the witch doctors cannot smuggle in their illegal drugs or traditional medicines to earn plentiful money in exchange with fake treatment.

They call themselves doctors specialized in relationship, work and health complications. They do advertisements on every wall even inside the ministry.

Using evil fake drugs, they attract poor citizens who are jobless to give money hoping to get solution yet all go in vain.

If it wasn’t a freedom given for everyone to declare himself/herself as a traditional healer, they would have been banned or limited.

There is freedom of worship under the two well-known Christianity and Islamic and the few who are not following neither of the two are considered pagans who are ancestral believers.

Now the freedom of worship has allowed fault prophets and pastors who claim to be God’s messenger.

Today believers are running from one Church to another looking for truth, healing, forgiveness and blessing but they are sometimes not given prayers freely. Some churches demand heavy tithes and offerings or secret gifts in order for their prayers to be fulfilled.

South Sudan is where the world’s criminals become the preachers whose aims are to prosper only.

Someone coming from nowhere would claim he is sent by God while he uses demon power which results into madness of believers, and there they would say it’s Bible that runs them mad.

Someone following and reading the word of God can be mad but instead gets power and strong faith and could be the happiest person because of blessing, redemption and Holy Spirit guidance given.

Now because there is freedom there are fake preachers everywhere in the city which are confusing people’s lives.

There is freedom and that’s why everyone is picking weapons to fight for no reasons and no gains and they are being forgiven for the sake of peace.

Politics are for intellectuals who cannot tolerate division among their people but because there is freedom, people think wearing suit, having big stomachs, degrees and money qualify them to be politicians or leaders. There is freedom but only misunderstood and misused.


The writer can be reached on phone: 0924652692 or Via Email: akol.akol49@gmail.com

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