Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo.

This weekend l had a chance to meet some top corporate managers operating in the country. It was informal meeting when a friend invited me for some late lunch in one of the City’s resorts. It turned out to be a rare rich learning experience to be among these top notches and to understand their feelings. Sometime people think differently about members of the fourth estate. More so the corporate world would want to treat their domains to their hearts. They think a journalist or a media personality should least know some of their inner-core operations. They have even insinuated that there is no journalist who can be a friend. This notion l had to change and tell my friends that they were wrong in their judgments. I told them that as any corporate executive or any other profession, journalists live and work in this country and they can only succeed when there is peace and stability. Journalists do not live in isolation and are always looking forward for the success in improving socio-economic among the citizens. I refused to be cored into accepting their belief of branding journalists in their own way of thinking. It must be understood that nobody would be afraid of members of the fourth estate if they are clean and transparent in their service delivery to the public. They would instead be so friendly for the media to articulate their cause and inform the public how their institutions are helping the country move forward. The fears of interacting with journalists are not only among the corporate entity but even in the public sector driven by fear of doing wrong or under the table deals. The expose is really something those involved would not want to come out. But journalists’ work is well tailored, to be watch-dog of the public and the public service delivery organs. The checks and balance is top in their docket where the public is informed of the goings in the public and private sectors. Therefore, open door policy must be given the right to lead if the truth must be known to enable the country move forward. There are those whose wishes and interests are to muzzle press freedom to enable them misinform the general public. I told my corporate listeners that time has come that they have to be open and remain above questionable deals that would soil and spoil their institutions. I drew their attention that we should start and be fully involved in the on-going peace process so that the country can engage its full gears in development activities of the private and public sectors. I told them that many lunch gatherings would be a reality if all were inclusively involved without fear or favour of certain uncertainties. Time has come for key players in the economic development to walk and talk the same walk and talk aimed at robust stability. I told them that never be afraid of the press unless your activities were bent-hell against the institution you serve or the country. My friend and the corporate elite left the venue well assured that they would always try very hard to cooperate with the press for transparency and accountability to the public they serve.


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