Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

My friend called me all the way from the border town of Nimule that he wanted his son to join the best school in Juba by the name Darling Wisdom Academy come next year to be precise 2022. He wanted me to go and talk to the school administration to influence the admission. I did not mind to help a friend but l am that of the school and class who believe in getting things the right way and merit. We are those who believe that the best must get the best not through the influence of other people. So l told him that let his son be the best to get the best school not because his father can influence his admission through friends. So many things have been spoiled through influencing. Some youth do not know what it takes to have a meal on the table. They do not understand why some children could go hungry and even why some people cannot afford driving the attest vehicle because almost everything is tailor-made for them by their parents who uses their influence to influence the future of their children. It is a pity that in the 21st century, there are those who still believe that they could still influence their future by dictating their own terms. The world has changed and most happenings are being technologized. There are even the application of robots geared to take most work done by human beings. If this turn age fully caught up with us what will be the use of influence where machines will be the talking points. Surely we must start to think of own and individual means of survival without relying on someone or people to influence our own future. People in my friend’s skull of thought should wake up and understand the importance of building your own world, tall or short. The leaning on someone’s coat should be in the past. They should seriously understand that influencing a course for their children or themselves is exposing them unbearable and unrepairable risk which cannot be of any help. We should be able to support our young one to stand on their own feet and start a journey for their future. There are cases where some people in positions are fond of shortcut into whatever they were doing. They find it difficult to follow the line even where order is to be maintained. In short they bulldoze their way to almost everything. They must learn to follow order and must learn to get whatever they need on merit not through influence. This is how we can develop our minds and the country at large. 

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