Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

I could not and still l have refused to believe that mere normal youth could ambush the convoy of Governor Louis Lobong Lojore and stood ground for more than two hours exchanging fire with the government forces. What was the aim of the so called youth or who were they, l trust the long arm of the government will find out. The act itself is very abnormal and telling tales. These were not normal youth but people who had planned well and their motive made very clear. Because by attacking the government convoy, they knew how the state would react and they seem to have been ready for it. The besieged governor spent some days in the military camp 15 area and was rescued to safety after the leadership of the country sent troops to the area to dislodge and clear the marauding youth from the scene. Whatever can be said here cannot change the feeling and judgment of the common-man. With reports that the governor escaped assassination, it cannot be anything else, but this is near the fact of the truth. I must honestly sympathize with this situation which governor Lobong faced in his own back-yard within his own jurisdiction. We have come of age that any differences should be handled within the set-up dialogue not with guns. There must be roundtable talks that would easily solve any volatile situation. It is a crime to plan and execute that plan with full knowledge that you aim to harm or injure the other person. This time the governor was on official routine tour of part of his jurisdiction. Why he should be attacked beats all the logics. Let the government leave no stone unturned but for the moment dialogue should lead the way to peace and prosperity in the area. This brought to my attention a saying from an old friend. Shem Ochuodho that “Instead of coming to praise me and sweet words when I die , show me now if it is the money give me now when I see it instead of coming to celebrate and mourn me, and I will not be hearing or seeing. I am trying to say this if you have the ability to help someone help him When he is alive, don’t wait until he dies to start giving money for the coffin, fancy suit or be the first in the book of burial.′′ God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob ′′bless me to help others where possible when they are alive.” This indeed should be the take for everyone who value and cherish others. And who understands that we are all equal in the eyes of the creator. Nobody should be ready and able to take one’s life without thinking first of the repercussions which would be disastrous if not properly handled. This Easter holidays should bring peace in the minds of those hanging in the balance.

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