Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

When the curfew was declared something came to my mind and started wondering why this Coronavirus should hit us now when we were preparing to move the country forward after years of struggle by leaders to bring peace home to roost and when the unity government was just being put in place to champion the cause of the struggle and peace. I thought it could have come another time not now because of the past suffering of the citizens. This time they should have been keenly putting their houses and backyards together. But alas, there came the deadly global virus in the name of Coronavirus of COVID-19. My theology friend told me that this was a clear warning from God to mankind because the latter had forgotten all about God and was busy cherishing and adoring world beings. My friend argued that God was warning the world that he had the power to wipe everything in the globe within a second without hesitation. The creator was telling and alerting the whole world to forget being in the mix of worldly things and glory and remember in time to return to the path that he had laid for the well-being of human beings. He told me “Yaba” see what is happening in the world today. So many activities that do not please God seem to be the order of the day. The fact is people have to come back to their senses and must know that the almighty is real and only his way can save the world. A thought stuck in my mind, right now not known drug in any form has been found to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Everyone has gone back to remember that it is only God who can save the situation. Each country and its government is taking precaution to safeguard its citizens. Some have imposed curfew which might be bitter at the moment but which is aimed at lining and controlling the spread. Some will agree that with me that the curfew imposed by the government has seen discipline return to some families although the economic situation is yet to take toll because of the restriction of the movement and the results of borders closures. It is time to help the government fight and prevent the encroaching or the spread of the virus which has not tested positive in the country. Let all of us be responsible and when told to obey the law we all must obey. It should not be like this adage that “Some people when told to staying inside, they will be the first one to go outside to see who is out there.” This should not be the behaviour of many because it may not help the government control the disease which we must all understand is real and dangerous to mankind.   

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