Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

By: Odongo Odoyo

There have been known myth of an “officer and a gentleman” going places for some time. This is a saying which has captured those doing well to their fellow being. It is mostly associated with men. However, yesterday l came across one an officer and superb lady. This one is my own concoction but fits this lady l am talking about perfectly. In Gogrial State, a Minister of Gender resigned not because she could not do the job but because her profession was different completely with the docket she was holding. The Minister of Gender and Social Welfare in Gogrial State, Abut Kerubino Akec Kolnyin resigned on Wednesday saying her resignation came as a result of concerns that she is a medical doctor by profession and could not execute her responsibilities effectively that linked to be the minister overseeing that docket. She said this openly during a farewell party hosted for her. My take is that there are those who are very honest and we still have them among us. This is a rare occurrence from a well learned (musomi) person who feels that she cannot do what is not rightfully hers. She opted to go back to what she knows best being a doctor providing service to the needy in her line of profession. The office and title not considered, she has achieved respect from the general public. Very few people could do what she did, sticking to what you know better which you can do better to help the general citizens. This lady has principles and morals that are unquestionable which many people would shy away from. She has demonstrated that people should do what they know and should not gamble with their own professional lives to do other things which are not within their dockets. Development lags behind because people are wrongly placed in wrong docket which they cannot manage. Time has come when many in the public and private sectors who do not qualify for what they are doing to call it a day. It is not belittling one but it is the truth and reality that someone must take a bold step to stop pretending to do what he/she cannot do or unqualified to do. Reasons should lead us that if we all want a better country and a better future, whatever we do must relate to what we know. Not planning is planning to fail. There is no time to gamble with national issues that affect millions of the people and congratulation to this honest and fearless lady Kolnyin. If only there were so many of you who could stand up and face the reality of life by doing what best l can do in life. We live in a world that needs people of upright morality and faith in their inner-self to enable the country and the people move forward for the good of the nation.

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