Peaceful protests against any injustice or cause of action is allowed the world-over. The police or security organs should know their limits and boundaries when dealing with such cases. Blanket application of law should be limited where there is no chaos and where the protestors are demonstrating peacefully because they want their voices heard not through violence but through peaceful approach to issues of national concern. This should have been the case on Tuesday when the demonstrators who were protesting peacefully the death of the young artist, Trisha C at the scene of the accident near Mobil Roundabout, but it was not when security agents stormed the place and clobbered everyone on sight, arresting a number of artists and activists. This can only be done in a situation where the demonstrators are unruly and rowdy where it is felt that the security of the state is endangered. The Mobil Roundabout protest was for the national cause where the message was clearly against the dangerous drivers, particularly, those of water tanks. There have been so many fatal accidents involving the water tanks in which some of the culprits find their ways out of the law enclosures. It is even more worrying when a senior officer at the security top organ gives order for the release of the protestors and that order is defied by junior officers who tried to personalize the issue at hand. Security organs personnel should be made to understand the difference of rioting protests and peaceful demonstrations. There was no reason for beating the demonstrators and if it was a must then they should have been held accordingly and within the required laws. The program requiring the police or security agents to be friendly to the public should be taken seriously and adhered to.

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