Do not forsake forgiveness and reconciliation

People talk about peace here and there but there is no any change. Peace starts from you as an individual and then proceeds to your neighbours. It is cultivated from our minds through understanding and the spirit of forgiveness. When there is no peace, people perish. I wonder when I heard that people have been ambushed and killed in big number. How long will South Sudan endure this suffering? What shall we gain after this unless tribal war? What will segregation do for us when our country is the last in the world?

Enough is enough. Let us wake up to start the journey with peace and determination that will carry us to the desired destination.

I feel bad when I hear murdering amongst the tribes and discrimination in the ethnic communities. Are we fighting because of the vilest treatments of others?

The Bible says there is no one who is righteous (Roman 3:10-11) that means all of us can do mistakes and wrongs to our neighbors.

Therefore, it requires forgiveness and reconciliation but not passing our hatred to the children or the youth in the community while finger pointing that so and so are the enemies. Don’t teach your kids foolishness saying this people have killed your grandfather or forth. Remember whatever you do as in your adulthood, the young ones will also do especially your own offspring. If you keep them apart from other children, they will too develop spirit of evilness among them. By doing hateful deeds, we are only downloading and magnifying the problems in our future.

Let the bygone be bygone or otherwise war will end us. If we need wellbeing, let us start teaching the youth about the root causes and solutions of hatred and tribalism. We are social products to this nation and ourselves. Why are we forsaking forgiveness and reconciliation?

Countries in this world are competing for the best things like high technology, development, education and advance politics. Back to us, we are spoiling our country instead of building it. This means that we are only manifesting our ignorance and at the same burying our country into grave. Chaos will never end not until we come together as one people and one nation.

Now, People are dying of hunger, disease and homicide. The country is closing percentage per month. The more we continue, the more we are hindering the development from proceeding in our country.

Many innocent people have just died like birds, flies and other minor animals. Human being possesses the spirit of God Almighty but if taken away coldblooded like that, that is a great sin. Sometimes we don’t commemorate their souls because we don’t have pity and morality. We the remaining ones are not better than them. Anyway, we cannot bring back our lost people and properties but we can only forgive and forget.

Ask yourself what you will do for your country to develop but not what to revenge on your fellow citizens. Scientist did not struggle to discover tablets for hatred and discrimination because they know that the medicine is dialogue, forgiveness and reconciliation.

All these crises are caused by misunderstanding, hatred, greediness, tribalism, corruption and ignorance among others. People should refrain from committing crimes intentionally.

In Genesis chapter one when God created Adam and Eve, He did not specify their tribe. Did God disclose anything like complexion color of their skin? Absolutely no, thus, we are equal in the image of God.

Slandering and pointing at tribes that they are bad is meaningless and useless. Dare to value people individually and accordingly. People should not use weak persons as powers to achieve their demands. Let us respect the creator and the maker. Fear of the Lord leads to blessed life but bitter heart leads to the Hell.

The writer can be reached via email: jovantogarang@gmail.com

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