Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

All of us are in the mood of Christmas and New Year festivals that will soon be with us. Everyone is looking forward to welcoming 2020 with too much hope because most of my friends are describing this year, which is coming to an end as the most difficult one. For me l do not complain because l do what l can and not do what l cannot. This has helped me reduce stress and too much thinking. It is not always easy but one has to learn to live with different situations coming their ways. It might not have been easy but the good thing is that it is coming to an end. Long time ago when we were growing up, we used to come with New Year resolutions. I cannot remember how many of these worked for my favour and l cannot remember how many worked against this. Still we continued to make them year in year out. It is the willing reality which came into being to set us free and this can only happen in a peaceful atmosphere where there is amicable co-existence. This is what is expected of us come next year. The number of days and years one is able to spend in life are countable but the good one has done should remain a yard-stick to his/her legacy. It is not easy but somehow one has to try living beyond reproach. This point reminded me of a candid chat l had with one of the senior citizens, Paramount Chief Simon Soro Kenyi recently where his words of wisdom revolved and rotated on the message of peace, Unity, Love and forgiveness. Politely and patiently, the paramount chief was not in any hurry as he laid bare what would be or constitute a lovable society which each and every one would love to live in. The gap of almost 30 years between us did not matter at that time. I listened to his wise word and took it upon myself to spread the same within my own context to others. The Paramount chief told me that there is nothing impossible with peace, love and forgiveness. I have been an advocate of peace and continue to be one but the words of the old-man sank like a stone in the ocean and sliced down my mind and body like a sharp kitchen knife. The chief has seen it all and wishes that he could see his last coming days just like all of us in peace among the all ethnic groups living in the country. I do not know if there is someone with different views but l can attest that the larger population are in for peace and nothing but peace to enable them re-start new life in their beloved country. This is why like paramount chief Soro, many of us would like to support the peace initiatives mooted and progressed by the leadership to the prosperity of the country. Stand up to be called peace ambassador.

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