Do not dehumanize the poor

By Ngor Khot Garang

It is always a blessing when your needs are in place and it is more meaningful when you bless others with what you have.

Growing up as a kid in a family where we share life the little my parents make from a little charcoal business, i have always been disturbed by the increasing gap between the poor, destitute and the rich.

I also fail to understand why nature allows some people to live luxurious lives while others roast in the flames of poverty and why the spirit of humanity is lacking in the world.

In my ordinary life,  I have seen children fed from the  dustbin, children educated with money earned from begging, people who beg under the scorching sun of Juba and get nothing at the end of the day or less than 50 South Sudanese Pounds  that cannot afford a piece of bread.

I have with tears witnessed people evicted from their homes to open a business or government center and children dying from treatable diseases in streets because they have no parents.

I am also baffled by the fact that there are a handful of people who have never encountered financial setbacks since they were born.

They socialize with the people of their class, eat buttered bread, change clothes within an hour, their children are driven to school while others live in penury.

I have also been enslaved by the belief that God made everyone rich and human beings are the ones who prey on themselves to satisfy their selfish interests.

It is no lie that the high crime rate in the country stems from rich maltreatment of the poor.

In our current scenario, a widow will try in her powers to save some hard earned money to send one of her children to school that he knows when he/she get quality education would be able salvage them from abject poverty. However you will learn later that the same child of the poor widow regardless of the efforts he/she had exerted could not stand the neck-breaking competition from the children whose parents are financially and politically buoyant.

This leaves that child with no choice but to do anything to earn a leaving in this unforgiving world.  If things are well with you, do not suppress those who are grieving at the moment.

You are a human being and falling in a poor man’s shoes for three minutes or two will give you a full story of what these people go through every day.


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