Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

I sometime get very angry when the den of propagandas take to stage to spread rumours that cannot stand the test of our time. In most cases these are twisted by elements from the West who claim to have full knowledge and information about some of us and our continent. Little do they want to accept that they are dwarf and unprivileged with basics that could lead them into positive thinking. Why do l say all these? For some time now, l do not know the source and even if it is true news that are meant to soil the image of this country have been trending far too long. It reads “U.N deeply concerned by the execution in South Sudan.” This propaganda had at one point or another captured the U.N. forum and why it was being trended more and more did not conform to the diplomatic mission assignments be it the U.N or not. The trouble in the continent and part of the world originates from the West and where their interests are not catered for, they must create a situation to be felt, mostly, negatively. Do not take me wrong l have friends in the West who are true human beings and who do not judge one based on colour or creed and who add value to others truthfully without malice like the propagandists who are fond of magnifying whatever little they have from molehill to mountain. Reasons best known to them. Worse still they use our own brothers and sisters to magnify their schemes which are consistence with the laws of human nature. Look, if it is not at the U.N it is somewhere in the Troika and if not there then it is one international agency or another. Until when are we going to be bullied and remain underdog even when we are a sovereign state?Our dignity and nature must be respected and protected. As human beings we stand to be corrected when we err but it cannot be picked from a non-existing issue to be made an issue of international nature which are concocted by ways of pleasing the masters. If only they can come out clean and straight to point fingers then somehow we can examine ourselves to find out if truly the dirt is on us instead of blanket accusation without foundation and which are peddled by idle minds who depend on external hand-outs. One cannot create fear to a child every day and expect that child to know the good side of life. The kid will grow up fearing even what is good just like the saying goes that “do not push me to the wall” because if you continue doing that then l am bound to bounce back. It is pointless to build mountain out of molehill.

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